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If you join any membership society this year, ISTAART should be the one.

The Alzheimer's Association International Society to Advance Alzheimer's Research and Treatment (ISTAART) is a professional society for individuals interested in Alzheimer's and dementia science—including scientists, physicians and other professionals involved in the causes and treatments of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
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Member Activities

Alzheimer's Imaging Consortium:
Organized by the Neuroimaging PIA, the Alzheimer's Imaging Consortium attracts over 900 attendees.

Biofluid Based Biomarkers PIA Develops Special Volume:
Creation of the special volume was led by guest editor Sid E. O'Bryant, Ph.D., chair of the Biofluid Based Biomarkers PIA. "The authors featured in the special issue are the scientists who are pushing the boundaries in this field of study," said O'Bryant. "This body of work will be used to move from biomarker discovery to locked-down validation."

ISTAART Workshops:
Members learn from the experts about how to polish skills and enhance CVs. Topics have included grant writing, funding opportunities, and manuscript tips.

Technology and Dementia Preconference:
The Technology PIA annually convenes members using technological-based research to discuss the application of innovative study design into Alzheimer's and dementia research. [Photo: Dorene Rentz, PsyD, presents the A4 Study: Incorporation of Tablet Based Cognitive Assessments in Clinical Trials.]

PIA Day:
ISTAART Professional Interest Areas (PIAs) gather for PIA Day -- a full day of science organized by PIA leaders and members. PIAs include neuropsychiatric syndromes, subjective cognitive decline, vascular cognitive disorders, and 15 more. [Photo: ISTAART members interact in between PIA day sessions]

Inge Grundke-Iqbal Award for Alzheimer's Research:
ISTAART members are the nominating body for this, which is presented to the senior author of the most impactful study in Alzheimer's research over the preceding two years. [Photo: The 2017 recipient was Dr. Ben Barres, M.D., Ph.D., for his paper, “Novel allele-dependent role for APOE in controlling the rate of synapse pruning by astrocytes,” National Academy of Sciences, Sept. 2016. Dr. Won-Suk Chung, Ph.D., presented on his behalf.]

Early Career Mentoring Breakfast:
Early career professionals engage with established investigators in small groups at a special breakfast event. This event is coordinated with the Alliance of Women Alzheimer's Researchers PIA.

Membership Reception:
One of the most popular events at AAIC, the ISTAART Membership Reception reunites colleagues and generates new relationships.

Student Volunteer Program:
Student members have the opportunity to apply to volunteer at AAIC. The opportunity creates lasting friendships and incredible access to world renowned researchers. Accepted volunteers receive registration, housing and airfare.

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