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Professional Interest Areas (PIAs)

Professional Interest Areas are an assembly of ISTAART members with common subspecialties or interests.


Generally, PIA members participate in quarterly conference calls and meet in person at AAIC.

PIA Timeline for AAIC 2018

ISTAART PIA Timeline for AAIC® 2018


How to join an existing PIA:

  1. Visit the Member Center.
  2. Click on "Update Contact Information/Join a PIA."
  3. Check the boxes of the PIA(s) you would like to join.
  4. Email ISTAART@alz.org for assistance.

How to create a new PIA:

  1. Interested organizers (2 minimum; 3 maximum) must submit a completed application to create a new PIA. Download the application »
  2. Per the guidelines, a minimum of 25 members are required. (Any non-ISTAART members listed on the application will be required to join ISTAART within 30 days of PIA approval).
  3. Submit the application for the ISTAART Advisory Council's review (see application for dates).

"There are few forums anywhere that regularly bring together engineers, computer scientists, clinicians and policymakers. We have begun to map out how this field can have a major impact on the entire Alzheimer's research enterprise."
Jeffrey Kaye, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, Ore.


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