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PIA Overview:
Non-pharmacological Interventions

Chair: Alex Bahar-Fuchs
Vice Chair: Sietke Sikkes
Programs Chair: Yi Tang
Communications Chair: Carrie Ciro

A biopsychosocial framework of dementia emphasizes that overall functioing cannot be solely explained by the underlying brain pathology, and there is evidence that certain barriers to activity and participation can be removed through effective non-pharmacological interventions, and that the experience of the person with dementia and their families can be improved through appropriate management of of personal, social and environmental factors. In addition, psychosocial, lifestyle and environmental factors may impact on risk of developing dementia, and interventions in these areas can contribute to risk reduction. The members of this group are scientists conducting research aimed at identifying parameters associated with effective design and delivery of psychosocial interventions to maximize the well-being of those affected by dementia, and prevent or delay the onset of dementia for those at risk of developing the condition.

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