Ride Day Experience

No matter if you're outside on your road bike, inside on your exercise bike, or somewhere on a trail on your mountain bike, we've got something for you on ride day!

Exclusive Opening Ceremony

At 8:00 am CST on ride day, be sure to check out the Alzheimer's Association Facebook page as we will go live with a 30-minute opening ceremony. The program will include inspirational rider stories, shout-outs to our top teams and individual fundraisers and the national anthem.

After the Opening Ceremony

If you are riding outside, you can go ahead and take off! Ride wherever you want to, for as many miles as you want. All we ask if that you take pics and show us how much fun you're having! Before, during, and after ride pictures can be posted to any social media platform using #Ride2EndALZ. You can also email them to ride@alz.org.

If you are riding a traditional bike, but want to ride indoors on your smart trainer - no problem! We'll have a live, professionally announced Zwift ride for you starting at 8:30 am CST on the Alzheimer's Association Facebook page. You'll be able to pedal along with riders from all over the world on a virtual course.

If you are riding your indoor cycling/stationary exercise bike, join us for a very special #Ride2EndALZ themed class, led by a professional instructor! The class will air right here on the Spring Challenge website. The instructor will lead you through a fun, fast-paced workout complete with interviews with a few of the riders about why this cause is so special to them.

To ride the class, put your bike in manual mode (‘Just Ride’ setting for Peloton, ‘Manual Ride’ setting for NordicTrac) and follow along with the instructor.

You can also join a ride offered on the interface of your particular brand of indoor cycling…. you just won't get that custom #Ride2EndALZ experience.

And send us those pictures! Upload your before, during, and after ride pics to any social media platform using #Ride2EndALZ or email them to us at ride@alz.org.