Be Courageous!

By registering for the Alzheimer's Association Ride to End ALZ®, you've committed to much more than a bike ride. You are now a part of a movement where 100% of the proceeds you contribute support Alzheimer's research. Each dollar you raise directly impacts the Association's ability to accelerate science toward methods of treatment and prevention for Alzheimer's and other dementias.

Virtual challenge riders are able to ride together, yet apart with no financial commitment. Riders participating in our elite in-person rides will commit to making a registration donation and raising a required minimum fundraising amount.

Platinum Passport Program

Ride to End ALZ Passport Logo

Join the exclusive Platinum Passport Program that rewards cyclists inspired by science and driven by determination to end Alzheimer's! Experience every unique Ride to End ALZ event and spread your passion for fueling cutting edge Alzheimer's research.

What is the Platinum Passport Program?

The Platinum Passport Program is a nationwide rewards program for Ride to End ALZ's Platinum Champions. Riders who raise $5,000 or more in their main Ride event (single Ride fundraising, not cumulative fundraising totals) are invited to participate in any other Ride to End ALZ event(s) for the next year without having to meet the event's fundraising requirement.

The goal of this program is to recognize and reward Platinum Champions with additional benefits, allow dedicated cyclists the ability to experience diverse Rides across the county and (hopefully) invite their friends in those areas to join them!

Who can participate?

Riders who raise $5,000 or more at their main Ride to End ALZ event (in-person ride or Challenge ride) can participate in as many other Ride to End ALZ events around the country for the next year without having to pay the fundraising minimum for that event(s).

How do I sign up?

If you raised $5,000+ at your home ride and are interested in using your exclusive Platinum Passport Program benefits, let us know.

Mobile App

Fundraise on the go by sending emails, monitoring your progress and updating your page. You can even deposit checks! Learn more about Ride mobile app here

We're in this together

We are confident that if you follow our suggestions, you can meet (and even exceed) your fundraising commitment and have fun in the process.

In addition to the many extensive fundraising tools found in our Ride Hub, the Ride to End ALZ staff and volunteer committee will help coach you from the moment you register until you cross the finish line. And because your fellow participants are one of the biggest strengths of Ride to End ALZ, we've built an online Ride Community. All participants have exclusive access to ask questions, share experiences and cheer one another on.