Team Up

There is strength in numbers, and organizing a Ride to End ALZ Team is an impactful way to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s. If you have at least one friend to ride with you, you should start a team for the event! Teams of 5+ qualify for special team perks! If you recruit 5-people on your team, you will qualify for team perks including a team table at the event, hats and t-shirts!

Your teammates can be family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, classmates, community members — anyone you know! When you start asking, you’ll be surprised how many people have been affected by Alzheimer’s and want to take action to end this disease.

Follow these tips to build your Team:

  • Get the word out.
    Share your enthusiasm for the event by inviting others to be a part of it. (Check out the Team invite tools in your Ride Hub.) With each call, email and social media post, you are raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and the need for research funding. Ask family and friends to share your invite with their communities, as well. It’s an easy way to grow your Team beyond your original circle.
  • Follow up.
    After you’ve made an initial invite, follow up to find out who is interested. Make sure to include a link to your personal page and your Team name.
  • Share your story.
    Are you riding in honor of or in memory of someone? Do the facts about the Alzheimer’s crisis motivate you? Share why this cause matters to you, and why you are asking for support.
  • Get company buy-in.
    Consider the role your company (or any organization you are involved with) can play, from joining your Team to sharing your story in a newsletter or email. Make sure to check whether there is a matching gift policy, and if so, share the good news with co-workers who are considering donating.
  • Ask Team members to recruit.
    Use the power of multiplication and ask each Team member to recruit additional members. Make it a friendly competition by awarding a prize to the person who brings the most new riders to the Team.
  • Show your Team spirit.
    People like to be part of vital communities. Are you training together as a Team? Do you have Team meetings? If so, ask others who aren’t registered to join your gatherings. People will be drawn to your Team’s passion to end Alzheimer’s.

Need more ideas? Lean on us. After you register, visit your Ride Hub for tools and join the conversation in our online Ride Community.