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This is the 12th year that Team For The Love is participating in The Longest Day. We have so many exciting things planned to help raise awareness about Alzheimer's and to raise money to  find a CURE! 

We will participate in 16 hours of continuous physical activity on June 22, 2024. In 2012, I started our inaugural The Longest Day on a bike, from the place that was the closest to my Bachan-- her last home in Sierra Madre. It sits at the base of a beautiful hike. In the special spot we would sit together, butterflies and hummingbirds show themselves as her sign to us that she is present. This is where we will begin our day.

We will ride past the home where my Grandma lived.  My brother and I held her hand and watched her take her last breaths at this home, ending her battle with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's on January 15, 2018. These two places are so special and we start our Longest Day journey here to honor the two women who have inspired us to fight.

We will continue to ride and then participate in a Personal Trainer led workout on our third stop. Our ride will end at my gym, Endless Fitness, in Claremont.  I know my Bachan and Grandma would LOVE and be so proud of my gym and my mission to serve the community. I would love for as many people as possible to come join us LIVE & virtually this year. Each hour we will offer a different Personal Trainer and Instructor led workout! The workouts are high energy, inspiring, and support a beautiful cause.  We will end the day honoring our loved ones who are affected by this devastating disease. 

FOR THE LOVE of our Bachan (Grandma), Joni & Judy's Mom, our Grandma, Jeff's Mom, LuAnn's Mom, Hillary's Grandma, Caren's Grandma, Jayden & Harper's Gigi, Jackie's Dad & Grandma, Cailyn's Grandma, Arlene's Uncle, Jasmyn's Grandma, Brandi's Grandma, Anastasia's Grandma, Natalie's Patients, Irene's Grandma, Julie's Grandma, Randi's Grandpa, Pat Summitt, Robin's Grandma, Matt's Grandma, Nicole's Grandma, Maria's Mom, Carly's Grandpa, Cindy’s friend Jeannette, Maureen’s Mom Betty, Patty & Jackie’s Mom, Stacey’s Grandpa, Lyndsay’s Grandmas, Sara's Mom, Kelsey's Grandma and Aunts, Josh's Grandma, Brenda's Dad, Cindy's Dad and Rick's Father In Law, & ALL those affected. 

They FOUGHT & FIGHT daily never having a choice. We do not know the strength they had or have to live with this disease, but we can honor them by pushing ourselves physically as much as we can. They fought and fight, so we will too.


Darlene Berg

Joni Berg, Jeff Berg, Michael Berg, Hillary Bouchenot, Alexis Tarros, Caren Morgan, Jackie Baker-Arriaga, Greg Horspool, Maureen Bromley, Stacey Caponigro, Lyndsay Petersen, Harper Tarros, Rachel Forillere, Patty Geary, Monique Baca-Geary, Jackie Baca-Geary, Kelsey Bunker-Robertson, Shelly Vanderveen, Sara Garver, Stephanie Higham, Jayden & Harper Morgan, & Jakob Berg


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