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Take your favorite hobby and turn it into a fundraiser for Alzheimer's care, support and research. Select an activity below to see how you can create your fundraiser.

Car & Motorsports
How to Plan a Car & Motorsports Fundraiser
  • Are you a racing enthusiast or a vintage or exotic car admirer? Rev your engines and fundraise with fellow gearheads in your community! Already have an event? Then just add fundraising. Host a car show with a set entry fee, hold a silent auction and serve barbecue. Spend your day at a local racetrack, rally, or autocross event and donate a percentage of the entry fees. Hold a test-n-tune day, where a donation puts you on the dyno. Any event big or small can include a raffle for prizes like free car washes, detailing kits and auto accessories from local sponsors.
How to Plan a Cooking or Baking Fundraiser
  • Whether you prefer to cook or to bake, you can bring out the famous family recipes on The Longest Day. Make grandma’s cookies for the family or office — in exchange for a donation — or host a potluck dinner. Meet up with your dishes or get together to cook and share secret recipes, and celebrate the day together.
How to Plan a Gardening Fundraiser
  • If you have a green thumb, plan a day of planting. Gather fellow gardeners in your own outdoor space, or arrange a day at a local farm or community garden. Set a fundraising minimum or donation for each participant.
How to Plan a Fishing Fundraiser
  • A relaxing day on the water is an opportunity to raise funds on The Longest Day. Set an entry fee/donation per participant and host a fishing competition for all ages. Rent a boat for the day, or pick a pier or lake where people can come and go throughout the day. Provide bait and hooks and ask people to bring their fishing poles. Request a donation for every fish you catch.
How to Plan a Knitting Fundraiser
  • Knitting or crocheting by yourself or in a group is a great way to spend The Longest Day. Auction off your final product in exchange for the highest donation!
How to Plan a Motorcycle Riding Fundraiser
  • If you have family and friends with bikes, organize a motorcycle ride or run. Map out a route where your group can avoid traffic along a scenic or historic stretch of road. A one-day ride could be up to 100 miles! Contact local clubs to recruit other riders to join, and ask for a donation for every mile you ride.
Read/Book Club
How to Plan a Reading Fundraiser
  • Dostoyevsky or Harry Potter? Stock up on your favorite books and gather a team of friends and family for a day of reading, or start an Anywhere Team and invite others to read wherever they are. You can incorporate a read-a-thon, story hour or a book club discussion as part of your day. Ask for a donation for every page or chapter you read.
Water Sports
How to Plan a Water Sports Fundraiser
  • For those who love the water, there are ample ways to raise funds, whether it’s through sailing, rowing, waterskiing, surfing, swimming or diving. Choose one activity and provide the necessary equipment, or encourage people to join you at a venue with a pool, ocean, lake, pond or river where people can participate in a variety of activities. Set a fundraising minimum for others to join you, or ask for a donation for every lap, stroke, or wipeout.
Multiple Activities
How to Plan a fundraiser with Multiple Activities
  • Pick this option if you have varied interests, or your friends and family want to do other activities. You can cook, knit, and draw on your own, and your friends and family can choose their own activity from wherever they are and no one is left out!
Other Game Activity
  • Not finding your game activity in this list? No problem! Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. You can choose "other" and let us know more when you register.
Not sure yet? Choose later!
  • Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. If you haven’t found an activity yet, don’t worry! You can always decide later and start fundraising today.

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