The Camel's Hump Challenge offers a rigorous wilderness ski touring experience where spirited backcountry Nordic skiers traverse around the perimeter of Camel's Hump - the third highest peak (4083') in Vermont's Green Mountains - to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Disease and related dementia. Originally founded by the late Dr. Warren Beeken, the Challenge operates as a fundraiser to support the educational programs and services offered free of charge by the Alzheimer's Association, Vermont Chapter.

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"The purpose of this event is to enjoy this extraordinary ski tour and to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, Vermont Chapter.", says Camel's Hump Challenge organizing committee member Bruce Beeken. "In addition to the individual human tragedy this disease represents, Alzheimer's deprives us of what too many of our elders might offer. Many of us make this effort in honor of a parent or friend that has succumbed to this disease."

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Bruce shares beginnings of this event. "Thirty-one years ago, a small group of intrepid skiers garbed in wool sweaters, knickers, and wood skis, set out on the first Camel's Hump Challenge. The route had been explored and established in fits and starts over the course of numerous winters before, and in those days, it was marked with blue ribbon. Some still know it as the 'Blue Trail'. Today the Challenge is known as a premier back country ski event."