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American Contract Bridge League

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As The Longest Day’s inaugural partner, the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) has raised almost $8 million for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. From sunrise to sunset, members across the country will host tournaments, teach lessons and play multiple sessions to advance the cause.

In 2023, ACBL again joins The Longest Day as a partner, striving to exceed last year’s achievements. Join an ACBL team below, or find a team and make a donation. To learn bridge or to sharpen your skills, visit https://www.acbl.org/learn/

If your club is holding face to face games, choose one day during the week of June 18-25, 2023*, to hold as many games as desired to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. All games played in virtual clubs on June 24 and 25 will be considered Alzheimer’s games.

Learn how you can participate in The Longest Day by downloading the Team Captain Guide. Visit the ACBL website for custom resources.

Important Reminder: Please be sure to register your club's team with ACBL Headquarters (click to open in new window) to be included in the participating club page. 

When registering for The Longest Day use code ACBL for complimentary registration.


ACBL Team Coordinator – Stephanie Threlkeld

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