It all starts with your commitment. By registering for the 25th annual Ride to End ALZ, you've made a commitment to more than a bike ride. You've made a commitment to funding critical research studies for Alzheimer's research. You've joined the movement where 90% of all funds raised directly impacts the Alzheimer's Association's ability to accelerate science towards ground-breaking methods of treatment and prevention for Alzheimer's disease. The remaining 10% of funds raised provide care and support for families affected by Alzheimer's disease right here in our Massachusetts and New Hampshire communities.

Your commitment will help us ride into a future with the first survivor of Alzheimer's! 


 Earn Primal cycling gear through our incentive program! All incentive gear will be branded with our special edition 25th Anniversary logo.  

- $250 earns you the special edition 25th Anniversary Ride to End ALZ jersey
- $500 earns you matching cycling gloves and crew socks
- $1,500 earns you matching cycling shorts (available in men's and women's)
- $3,000 earns you matching lightweight arm sleeves and a sport wind vest

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary Ride, riders will be able to hit a specific fundraising milestone and earn the item(s) PLUS everything in the levels below! This year only!

Deadline to earn and receive gear by June 1st to wear on your ride is March 30, 2021. 
All other earned gear will be ordered and shipped after the final fundraising deadline of July 31, 2021 with an estimated delivery of September 2021. No exceptions can be made due to manufacturing timelines.

You will have the option to decline prizes should you want to. (Please note that credits can not be added to your fundraising page)

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2021 Incentive Prizes.jpg


As you can imagine the COVID-19 crisis is hitting the Alzheimer's Association quite hard. Our work has not stopped, our support services are continuing as usual and are as important as ever. Research for treatments and a cure continues. Alzheimer's is not slowing down, so neither can we! 

Your support is greatly needed and appreciated, now more than ever. All donations, great or small, will add up and make an impact. 

Your participation not only helps raise critical funding but helps shine a light on Alzheimer’s and all other dementia and is an important and effective way to help keep our mission moving forward. Linked HERE are the 2021 Facts and Figures on Alzheimer’s and dementia that you can reference for talking points or social media posts.

Updated research information is another way to share the impact of a donation.  Details can be found here:

Download the Virtual Ride to End ALZ Participant Guide HERE!



Rule #1: Start today! The earlier you begin, the more impact you can have in our fight to end Alzheimer's. Start fundraising while you have the time, before you get too busy training! Register as an individual, join a team, or create your own team.

Rule #2: Share your story! Your personal connection is what makes the difference. As you fundraise, tell those you are asking why you Ride to End ALZ. Take the time to personalize your fundraising page by adding photos and sharing your personal story.

Rule #3: Ask, and then ask again. Your participant center comes loaded with sample messages that make it even easier to ask your loved ones for donations. Send personalized emails, share on social media, or send a letter asking your friends to donate. The #1 reason why people don't donate is because they weren't asked!

Rule #4: Know your facts. When telling your story, make sure to include key Alzheimer's facts and figures. Share why it is so critical that we advance research to find a cure. 

Rule #5: Show your appreciation. Thank your donors, and then thank them again! Your friends and family will remember your appreciation when you ride again next year.