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Select a sport from the list below — or choose another sport you're passionate about — and turn it into a fundraiser for Alzheimer's care, support and research. Choose an activity below to see how you can turn your favorite sport into a fundraiser.

How to Plan a Bowling Fundraiser
  • Rain or shine, a day of bowling is a fun way for all ages to participate in The Longest Day. Secure a bowling venue and set an entry fee/donation for each game played. You can also host a Bowl-a-Thon and request a donation for each pin knocked down.
How to Plan a Golf Fundraiser
  • Golf allows both novices and experienced players a chance to raise funds. Golf games are exciting for all ages, and a tournament is ideal for competitive golfers. Mini-golf and driving ranges are also excellent options. Contact a local course and explain your needs, number of participants and when you would like to hold your event. Charge a donation or fundraising minimum for entry, and brainstorm creative contests for extra fundraising.
How to Plan a Kickball Fundraiser
  • A perfect outdoor summer sport, kickball can also be played in an indoor venue. Choose a location and organize your equipment: kickballs, bases and cones. Organize teams so that adults and kids can join in! Charge an entry donation or fundraising minimum to play, and ramp up the competition with a fundraising contest.
How to Plan a Pickleball Fundraiser
  • Pickleball is currently one of the fastest-growing sports. To organize a tournament with other players in your community, choose a date and location, and determine the brackets in advance. Set an entry fee for each game played, or request donations for every point or game won.
How to Plan a Soccer Fundraiser
  • Book an indoor or outdoor venue and divide your friends and family into teams. Identify referees to officiate the games/tournament and organize supplies: soccer balls, nets and jerseys or t-shirts for each team. Charge an entry fee/donation or fundraising minimum to participate, and fuel the rivalry with a competition to see who can raise the most.
Table Tennis
How to Plan a Table Tennis Fundraiser
  • Table Tennis is a popular sport for all ages! Organizing a tournament will depend on the number of participants. Set up your teams and brackets in advance. You will require: game table/s, paddles and balls. Set an entry fee/donation for each game played, or ask for a donation for every point or game won.
How to Plan a Tennis Fundraiser
  • Select a facility large enough to accommodate the number of people playing. Use the mixed doubles format to keep the event open to all yet still competitive. Set a donation per set played or an entry fee/donation for an all-day event. Give extra points to the players with the highest fundraising totals.
Multiple Activities
How to Plan a fundraiser with Multiple Activities
  • Pick this option if you have varied interests, or your friends and family want to do other activities. You can play tennis, knit, and draw on your own, and your friends and family can choose their own activities from wherever they are and no one is left out!
Other Sports Activity
  • Not finding your sports activity in this list? No problem! Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. You can choose "other" and let us know more when you register.
Not sure yet? Choose later!
  • Participants in The Longest Day can fundraise to fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association in any way they choose. If you haven’t found an activity yet, don’t worry! You can always decide later and start fundraising today.

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