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Accura Healthcare

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National Team Type:Member National Team - Company Name:Accura HealthCareCompany URL:https://www.accura.healthcare/

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Accura Healthcare

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Why We Walk: On behalf of the more than six million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease and their over 11 million caregivers, thank you for supporting this important cause. As an Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's® National Team, Accura HealthCare will form teams and raise funds and awareness for events across the country, earning national recognition benefits in return. Every dollar your company raises makes a difference in the lives of those facing this devastating disease, and helps bring us closer to the vision of the Alzheimer's Association®: a world without Alzheimer's and all other dementia®.

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Contact Name:Joshua Floris
Email Address:Joshua.Floris@accura.healthcare

Contact Name:Hannah Horn
Email Address:Hannah.Horn@accura.healthcare

Contact Name:Kathleen Britten
Email Address:Kathleen.Britten@accura.healthcare

Contact Name:Tiffiney Kavars
Email Address:Tiffiney.Kavars@accura.healthcare

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