Ride to End ALZ


Saturday, August 24th & Sunday, August 25th

$296,794.84 RAISED
GOAL $300,000
GOAL $300,000

36 Days until the Ride
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2024 Ride to End ALZ - Classic

Ride Your Way in the Summer Classic

The #Ride2EndALZ Summer Classic provides a flexible, fun, and inclusive environment for riders of all skill levels on all types of bikes to saddle up and join the fun! You can ride any type of bike, for as many miles as your heart desires.

You don’t have to show up to a starting line somewhere. You don’t have to record how many miles you rode. You don’t even have to leave the comforts of home if you don’t want to!

The #Ride2EndALZ Summer Classic is virtual in nature, but that doesn’t mean it’s “virtual” as we’ve all come to know that word. You don’t have to be in front of a screen if you don’t want to. Many riders will head outside to their favorite trails and paths while others will hop on their exercise bikes just down the hall. Do you like to get on the stationary bike at a gym or studio? Great! You can join us, too!

The Summer Classic has a $20 registration fee but doesn't have a fundraising minimum. For those riders that do decide to fundraise, there are some awesome perks you can attain by hitting certain milestones.

We’ll have riders from all 50 states and many nations around the world, all experiencing the #Ride2EndALZ Summer Classic in a unique way. However there will be one thing that all riders have in common - a desire to #EndALZ. Come join the movement.

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