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2021 Ride - Texas Sunday, October 10, 2021


2021 Ride - Texas

Team Debbie

Why We Are Riding?  The Dougharty Boys: Paul (Husband/Father), Benjamin & Neil (Sons) along with our dear friends Trevor, Eric, Victor & Valerie, are riding for our mother and dad’s wife of 48 years.  Our mother, Debbie, has been battling Alzheimer's for 12+ years.  She was diagnosed with Early On-set Alzheimer's at 56 years old.  She was a brilliant woman, daughter, mother, grandmother, wife, teacher & librarian.  She loved sharing her knowledge. While she is still with us in Memory Care, this disease has robbed her of her motor skills and her memory.  It's a tragic disease.  THIS IS WHY WE ARE RIDING!

More than 6 million Americans are living with this disease, which means more than 11 million family members are suffering along with them, while trying to provide the best care they can.  

Right now, there is no shortage of ideas in Alzheimer’s research— only dollars. Which is why I am asking for your support. I am participating on the Ride to End ALZ, a fully-supported, one day fundraising event where every dollar raised supports the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts to discover methods of treatment and prevention for Alzheimer’s disease.

With each mile we ride, we are raising funds to advance research toward the first survivor of Alzheimer’s.  We not only ride for Debbie but we ride for all of you who have or are working thru this with a friend or loved one.  We ride for all!

Thank you for cheering us on!

-Paul, Neil, Benjamin, Trevor, Eric, Victor, Valerie & MOST importantly, DEBBIE!

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100% Goes to

100% of the funds raised go toward the Association's efforts to discover methods of treatment and prevention for Alzheimer's and other dementias.