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Sing to Remember 2 is here!

On October 19th, 2019 I hosted my first charity event: Sing to Remember at the Butterfly Chinese Restaurant! The event was one of my proudest moments as we raised over $2,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. With so much success, we planned on doing a Sing To Remember event every year….

and then the pandemic hit. 

I am so excited to announce that FINALLY the second installment of Sing To Remember is here! I’m also excited to say that the event is going to be bigger and better than round one! 

Before I explain the event, I’d like to explain to you all how Alzheimer’s disease has impacted my personal life. At a young age, I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s disease. Even in her final moments she was a bright light. Being so young, I was so caught off guard by how she could be so vibrant, goofy, and fun, yet she didn’t remember her own grandson’s name. It was intriguing how although the mind was fading, the character shined even brighter. When you are young, you handle grief very differently and all I really remember from her passing were the incredible character traits she taught me. Although through most of my life her mind was fading, her spirit carried on through me. Flash forward to 2018. A painful memory to share but one I share in hopes to inspire others. My family was on our first cruise to the Bahamas…a big deal for a family that was always afraid to fly. We were all together for the first time in many years. I had some beers with my Dad by the pool one day and he shared with me some of the most intimate memories about his childhood, mostly those of his mother and my grandmother whom we lost. I felt something was wrong with my Dad that day and that night at our family dinner for the first time we witnessed my Dad have a breakdown. This broke me as my Dad was always so strong and stoic. He knew as well that something wasn’t right with his brain and in front of the family admitted that he may need help. 

Weeks later, at the young age of 59, my Dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. My dad is still here and he is still my hero, and like my grandma he is vibrant and bright but each day gets a little bit harder. As I grow older and wiser, I realize that we are all going to pass someday and that we should never take any breath for granted. I also know that I personally want to be remembered for the difference that I made in others lives for the better. I may not have a lot of money, but I do have heart and personality and I can throw a kick ass event for a great cause. I hope that as my Dad declines he remembers me for these traits and that I am making him proud. 

All proceeds from the Sing To Remember 2 event will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. Your money will go towards continued care and support as well as continued research. Scientists are on the brink of many breakthroughs in regards to ALZ which is so exciting! We are asking for a $10 minimum donation at the door (cash or checks can be written to the Alzheimer’s Association). I am also looking for friends, family, and businesses to donate items to be raffled off. If this is something you can help with please direct message me! 

Other details on the event:

♥ Sunday, June 12th at 4:30pm - Butterfly in West Hartford (831 Farmington Ave)

♥ Karaoke all night! 

♥ Tito’s drink specials 

♥ Delicious food specials courtesy of the Butterfly

♥ Fun party games throughout the night with prize giveaways 

♥ Raffles with proceeds benefiting ALZ

♥ I will be giving an intimate acoustic performance around 5pm. A rare sighting of me behind the piano!

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