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This is Naomi, my cousin's mother.  She is a wonderful Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.. She doesn't remember ever knowing me. She is fortunate that she still remembers those close to her.  She is in the later part of her life, but she deserves to have a life and remember events, places and people.  Alzheimer's/Dementia is taking that from her.  Naomi, isn't the only person I've had the honor of knowing and then watched as their memories decline.  My very best friend lost her mother to Alzheimer's and several other close friends I've watched that same story play out.  Our science has come a long way and folks are living longer lives, they deserve to enjoy their longer life and to remember it.  Please honor someone you know living with this disease by donating today.  I'll be participating in a motorcycle ride to help raise funds for the cause, in Virginia Beach, VA  in June of 2022.  Thank you

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