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2017 Dancing Stars of Columbus, GA


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I was born and raised right here in Columbus, GA, went to St. Anne’s grade school, and graduated from Pacelli High School in 1973.  If you’re a long-time resident of Columbus, and you recognize my last name, it might be because my father, Bill Bowick, was a well-known radio and TV personality here in Columbus, beginning in 1955, until he retired.  “Coffee with Bill” was his trademark morning radio show.

I grew up with 5 siblings, including 4 sisters and a brother, along with my Mom and Dad in the Edgewood subdivision of Columbus.  My Mom still lives in the home where we all grew up.  My brother, Bill Jr., who we affectionately call Bubba, has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.  He is currently 66 years old, a retired 20-year Air Force veteran, and this hideous disease is already beginning to take its terrible toll.  I’ll be dancing in his name, so PLEASE vote (with your wallet) for me!

Four years after graduating from Pacelli, and after a two-year stint at the Air Force Academy, where I played football as a quarterback, I graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  That summer, I married my high school sweetheart, Maureen Brown, and embarked on a career in the high-technology sector that led me to job stints, with increasing levels of responsibility, in Atlanta GA (Georgia Tech Engineering Experiment Station), Melbourne FL (Rockwell/Collins Avionics), back to Atlanta (Scientific Atlanta), Denver CO (Jones Intercable), and then back again to Atlanta (Cox Communications).  During that period of time Maureen and I had two beautiful children, Zoe, and David, who are both now married and living in Denver and Los Angeles respectively.  We also now have two beautiful grandchildren.

During that period of time, I also managed to complete my MBA at the University of Colorado - from 1995 to 1997 – a full 20 years after graduating from Georgia Tech.

I retired as the Chief Technology Officer of Cox Communications in 2009, and since that time have enjoyed working with, advising, and mentoring a number of high-tech companies throughout the United States, from early start-ups to well-established public and private companies, as a member of either their Board of Directors or their Technology Advisory Board.   Maureen and I moved back to Columbus in 2012 and reside in Green Island Hills.

I’m a long-time private pilot (since high school) and love to fly in my Cirrus SR22 Perspective.  I’m the Sponsorship Committee Chairman for the Thunder in the Valley Airshow: ; the founder and current coordinator of the Columbus EAA Chapter 677 IMC Club; and Maureen and I are members, and I’m also the current President, of the Rivertown Dance Club (previously Mr. and Mrs. Club).  Come dance with us!

Thank you for your support!

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