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Actors Unite to End ALZ


Why We Walk: We take care of our own. That is the foundation of our Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's team.

Nancy Daly founded Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's in 2011 in honor of her own mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two days before Thanksgiving in 2009. Nancy built this team to create a community of awareness, support, camaraderie and guidance for her fellow actors and colleagues and their friends and families who are living with or who have lost a loved one with Alzheimer's. We know full well the pain of looking into the eyes of a loved one and to hear them say — "I know your voice — who are you?" and to have to answer — "I'm your daughter." Actors and Artists Unite began as four teams in 2011 and 2012 — LA, NYC, DC and Miami — but very soon, actors around the country were posting on Facebook, and on — "I'm walking in Chicago!" "I'm walking in Atlanta!" As we walked the course in every city, other actors would run up to us and say- “I'm an actor, too! Can I walk with you?” we were walking in glory.

It was time for Actors and Artists Unite to become a national team so that our colleagues around the country in every aspect of the industry- actors, writers, directors, production crew and staff- could walk with us in solidarity to honor our loved ones. In its first year as a national team, Actors and Artists Unite expanded from 4 teams to 34 teams. From San Francisco to Boston. From New York to Miami. Texas, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana- people around the country heard about Actors and Artists Unite and joined with us to walk in solidarity and raise over $31,000 in our first year as a national team- over $80,000 since 2011. AA Unite is the only non-corporate Friends and Family team for the Walk to End Alzheimer's. A true grass roots effort, it was built by word of mouth, posts on Facebook and the internet, emails and the generous support of, and We are honored to have members of the Actors' Equity Association, IATSE, Directors' Guild, Dramatists' Guild, Producers' Guild, SAG-AFTRA and the Writers' Guild join us in solidarity as we work to bring about a world without Alzheimer's in our lifetime. We take care of our own.

Nancy founded Actors and Artists Unite in honor of her own mom who died from Alzheimer's on May 8th, 2012 and in honor of her dad who took care of her mom throughout her illness. He would always say — "She is my love and I can never leave her." He never did. When Nancy informed her father that the team was going to become a National Team this year, he said — "You have picked up this torch and now, you must run with it." The motto of Actors and Artists Unite is — "When Actors and Artists Unite, the world can shift." So, to everyone in the entertainment industry and their friends and families-come join us- all are welcome. And as we Irish say — Slainte!!

In loving solidarity —

Nancy Daly Founder and National Captain and Coordinator
Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's

Please click here to read Nancy's story: "Living in Twilight: A Daughter's Alzheimer's Story."

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Actors & Artists Unite to End Alz National Team Coordinator:

Nancy Daly

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