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What is QUASH? The name says it all. QUASH is the Quest to Unravel Alzheimer’s, a citywide Scavenger Hunt. It’s a team event that asks you to use your brain power, street smarts and physical prowess to win big. But before you assume your skills aren’t up to snuff, you should know that Einstein-wannabes and Olympic-caliber athletes need not apply. If you’re looking for a little challenge and a lot of fun for a great cause, QUASH is for you!

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In 2008, teams in Philadelphia, San Diego and Indianapolis experienced our inaugural QUASH events:
                           “I wanted to keep playing…I had a total blast!”
                “Great fun… something positive to end Alzheimer’s disease.”
                                                                                     “An exceptional event.”
                 “We’re definitely going to QUASH again next year.”

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Interested in sponsoring a QUASH event? Contact us at sponsorship@quashnow.org.


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