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What is QUASH?

Who: You know the type. That adventure-loving, laughing-the-whole-way, go-big-or-go-home sort of person. It’s you. And your friends. And the friends of your friends. Pretty much anyone who is unafraid of a challenge and up for a good time. 


What: QUASH is the Quest to Unravel Alzheimer’s, a citywide Scavenger Hunt. Think along the lines of that reality TV show where teams race around the world, but without the cameras and the two-week commitment. Trust us, it’s better this way - no one looks good in high-def. 


Quash What 3

We’ll provide the clues and map. You’re responsible for the brain power and broken-in sneakers. QUASH is a race against the clock, your opponents and your teammates’ insistence that yes, they know where they’re going. And if all goes according to plan, you’ll emerge victorious and earn bragging rights that will last a lifetime - or at least ‘till the post-QUASH afterglow fades away.




Where: 2009 QUASH schedule is under construction. Check back this fall for a full list of locations and dates.


When: Unravel the mystery in Spring 2009.


How: Ready to register? Sign up to be the first to know when our 2009 schedule is announced.


Why: QUASH benefits the Alzheimer’s Association, the nation’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s research, care and support. C’mon. Green is the new black. Giving back is where it’s at. We guarantee you’ll never have this much fun doing good.


Still looking for more?  Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.


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