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2024 Alzheimer's Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars

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Hello everyone!


My grandmother lived a long and I think wonderful life.  Grandma lived to be 93 years old and was able to live with my aunts and uncles a few years at a time until about three months before she passed away. 

 Two of her daughters, my aunts, were not as fortunate and developed Alzheimer’s.  One of my aunts ended up living in assisted living.  My cousin Cheryl and her husband Gene are able, for now, to take care of my other aunt Mousie.  

Alzheimer’s is a disease that has affected my family and so many others.  This is why I wanted to participate in the Memory Ball this year.  

After attending the event in 2023 , I thought it was such a great event and wanted to help in some way.  I had not heard about it before attending and think it is important to share this cause with my family and friends who, like me, just hadn’t known about it.

Family, friends, and strangers alike are wishing for a cure.  While we know there isn’t a cure, the Alzheimer’s Association is making a huge effort to get us there!  In the meantime, I’m hoping my sisters and I get to live life the way of grandma.  If not, there are plenty of resources offered by the Alzheimer’s Association to help those affected navigate care and daily life and give our loved ones the tools needed to make things a little more manageable.  


Thank you in advance for your donations.

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