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2024 Alzheimer's Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars

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For many, the journey of life is a tapestry woven with threads of precious memories and cherished moments. These memories, the essence of who we are, have the power to uplift our spirits, bring joy to our hearts, and strengthen the bonds that tie us to our loved ones. However, in some cases, life takes an unexpected turn, revealing the fragility of those threads and forcing us to confront the profound impact of Alzheimer's and dementia.


Several years ago, my dad was diagnosed with dementia, a diagnosis that would ultimately redefine our family's journey. It was a diagnosis that filled our lives with uncertainty, sadness, and challenges we could never have foreseen. But amidst the heartache and confusion, I discovered an unexpected gift – a gift that has transformed my relationship with my dad and has led me to participate in the Alzheimer's Association "Memory Ball" Gala.


For much of my life, my dad was a man of few words. He rarely expressed his emotions, especially when it came to saying, "I love you." As a child, I often longed to hear those three simple words, which sometimes left me questioning whether he truly cared. But as dementia slowly crept into his life, something remarkable happened. The disease that was robbing him of his memories and cognitive abilities also seemed to strip away the layers of emotional restraint that had kept him from expressing his love.


Amid his struggle, my dad began to tell me that he loved me. These simple yet profound words became a beacon of light in the darkness that Alzheimer's had brought into our lives. Each "I love you" was a reminder that, despite the memory loss and the challenges we faced, the love between us was unwavering and unbreakable.


The Alzheimer's Association "Memory Ball" holds a special place in my heart because it's a powerful way for me to honor my dad and the newfound connection we've forged during his battle with dementia. It's a way for me to show my gratitude for the precious moments of love and affection that have emerged from the shadows of this cruel disease. And, most importantly, it's an opportunity to contribute to a cause that seeks to change the lives of countless families who are affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.


In participating in this Gala, I hope to raise awareness, funds, and support for the Alzheimer's Association, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those living with dementia and their families. I aim to play a small part in the fight against this devastating illness, and I hope that my efforts can make a difference in the lives of others traveling a similar path.


My journey with my dad and his battle with dementia has taught me the incredible power of love and resilience in the face of adversity. It has shown me that even in the darkest moments, we can find moments of light, connection, and love. So, I walk this path with hope, with gratitude for the precious gift of my dad's words, and with a deep commitment to support the Alzheimer's Association in its mission to find a cure and offer help to those who need it.


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