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Owner, Instructor, and Buyer at Stellar Bodies

Amy Selig is a dynamic individual who wears many hats as the owner, instructor, and buyer at Stellar Bodies, a renowned fitness studio with a proud 12-year legacy. With a strong educational background and a passion for fitness and fashion, Amy has built a career that perfectly blends both worlds.

Originally hailing from the University of Tennessee, where Amy earned an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising, she has always had a keen eye for style and trends. This educational foundation laid the groundwork for a successful career in the fashion industry, where Amy honed her skills as a buyer, curating collections that appealed to a wide audience.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amy finds immense joy in her personal life. As a parent, she cherishes the role of a loving mother to two sons and has recently embarked on a new chapter, having remarried and embraced the responsibilities of being a step-parent to three wonderful children.

In her free time, you can find Amy at Stellar Bodies, where she has dedicated herself to inspiring and motivating her clients for over a decade. As an instructor, she guides individuals on their fitness journey while embodying the essence of balance between fashion and fitness.

Amy Selig's journey is a testament to her ability to excel in multiple areas of life, from fashion merchandising to family life and fitness instruction. She continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering dedication and multifaceted talents.

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