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2024 Alzheimer's Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars

Meet Dr. Lara Barringer

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Less than two months to go!!!!!
Less than two months to go!!!!!


I first learned about this organization through Drs George and Deborah Bittar. They have been passionate about this cause for many years given both of their mothers were challenged with Alzheimer’s.  They invited me to last year’s event and asked me to consider dancing this year.


While intimidating given I have not had any formal dance training, I decided to step up and dance in memory of my Grandfather, Leroy Queen and his journey with dementia.  


My family experienced periods of helplessness at times as my Grandfather's cognitive and physical abilities declined.  We looked for those rare moments when he recognized one of us or tapped his foot to his favorite music. My Grandmother’s desire to remain his primary caregiver took extraordinary emotional and physical endurance. Her resilience was monumental.  

In my medical career, I also witness the ongoing struggles for both patients and caregivers due to limited support services.  Events like this help bring awareness and financial support critical to address the challenges.  

Although, I am a bit out of my comfort zone dancing for the first time in front of hundreds of people, the personal stories shared by donors continue to inspire me.  I absolutely have a new respect for the art of dance and the technical detail involved.  More importantly, I am humbled by the generosity of everyone.  

  Through supporters like yourself, I remain optimistic that we will discover early diagnosis, prevention and treatment strategies in the near future.


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