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2024 Dancing Stars of Atlanta


Amy Smith

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Amy has enjoyed a very successful career as a Biotech Specialist for several decades. Amy’s father, Dr. Daniel Peak always wanted one of his 7 children to go into medicine. Biotech was the next best thing in her father’s eyes. Dr. Peak was ahead of his time. He was a Geriatric Psychiatrist at Duke University who specialized in Alzheimer’s research and treatment in the 1970s. Unfortunately. Amy’s mother, father and aunt passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s and she made it her mission to assist in finding a cure for this terrible disease. Amy dedicated 10 years of her time launching products to help to slow down the progression of this disease. She will be dancing to help find a cure! Amy is a loving single mom to an incredible 17 years old. She is eager to find a cure so her family members will be spared from the terrible disease. Please consider donating!!!

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