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2021 Baltimore Memory Ball Dancing Stars


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Mom & Me - 2009
Mom & Me - 2009

Hello dear family and friends!

I sincerely thank you for visiting my page to hear about why on earth I have decided to put on some dance shoes, don a sparkly outfit, and put myself out on the dance floor!

In 2017, my dear mom, Lorraine Grippi, passed from Alzheimer’s after suffering for nearly a decade. With early onset of the disease, she and my father were robbed of all the retirement plans they had yet to experience, my brother and I were deprived of sharing our own parenting milestones with her, and her grandchildren had only a brief glimpse of the wonderfully warm and special person she was.

So, how did I end up in a dancing event to help raise money to fight this disease that has ravaged nearly 6 million Americans?

Well, as a little girl, it was mom that drove me to my dance classes a couple of times each week – for 10 years! And I vividly remember how she helped me dress for my annual recital on the big stage. When my good friend (and last year’s winner of the dance competition), Jeff Bathurst, approached me about participating, I thought, there simply isn’t a more perfect way to honor my mom!

Now I'm looking forward to May 1, 2021, when I'll be one of the "Dancing Stars" at the Alzheimer Association's 2020 Memory Ball in Baltimore! I’ll be dancing for my mom, my dad (her primary caregiver), her family and friends, and everyone I care about in the hope that future generations won’t have to suffer either the indignity of the disease itself, or the sorrow of caring for a loved one affected by it.

I hope you will consider supporting my fund-raising goal to help raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research, care and support. You can do so by donating here (CLICK ON THE GREEN "VOTE NOW" BUTTON).

I know that the number of important causes to support far outweighs the limited resources we all have to contribute. And I know that my fund-raising goal isn’t the only one you’ll be asked to support this year. Please know that I am grateful for any level of support as I train for this event.

See you on the dance floor!!


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