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Gov. Chris Sununu, Jim Wessler and our Team
Gov. Chris Sununu, Jim Wessler and our Team

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The Longest Day is the signature do-it-yourself fundraising event for the Alzheimer's Association where participants host their own fundraiser by doing an activity they love to honor someone they love affected by dementia.   Our  Merrimack, NH community, has been extremely supportive of our NH Hot DogZ  for ALZ Event.   We choose the Hot DogZ because everyone remembers the who, what, where and whom we were with, as we ate them.   Good stories to tell, as much as we can remember.  Dementia is a cognitive brain change.  Our menu is simple, 2 Hot DogZ (individually wrapped, can of COKE and a bag of UTZ chips).  Since 2016, our team has raised $47,00.  Our 2023 Goal is $15,000..

JUNE 22, 2023

  NH Hot DogZ for ALZ is held in the Our Lady of Mercy church parking lot, 16 Baboosic Lake Rd,  Merrimack, NH, with 1250 attendees, 22 business sponsors,  65 volunteers, 2500 grilled all beef hot dogz, fundraising $13,250.  NH Gov. Chris Sununu has attended for past 5 years.  The Town council issues a Proclamation supporting #ENDALZ... Bob Bergin

June 22, 2023 8th Annual Longest Day Event

We Are Your Team, We Care About All The Families Living With ALZ in our Community.  The Hot Dogz is a memory and everyone shares a story about what, when, where, who,  in there life eating the American hot dog.  We come together, eat a hot dog,  drink a Coke, eat some UTZ chips and tell stories.  Together We keep the memories alive, with good stories to tell and advocating for the living.  Many of us are widows, but on the Merrimack Longest Day, We Are All Family and Friends.  God Bless

Gov. Chris Sununu, Jim Wessler and our Team
Gov. Chris Sununu, Jim Wessler and our Team

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