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It was the summer of 2012, shortly after celebrating my fortieth birthday ,  I was visiting with my mom Barbara and good friend Minnie inside my home my mom  turned to me and asked  “Did you go to your fortieth birthday party?"   Minnie  and I surprisingly  looked at  each other. Dumbfounded by the question, I replied back  “Mom, do you realize that you're asking  If I attended my own birthday party? She quickly and seriously  responded  “ Well did you? "Yes mom , yes I did.
Once a person is diagnosed with Alzheimers, The average life expectancy is about eight to ten years! .Scientists are trying to develop treatments and raise awareness of preventative strategies,

However, there’s still no cure!

Since the diagnosis, my dad George , my brothers George and Jimmy , my sister Barbara and I  have been put to the ultimate test.  We continue to helplessly watch the person who we all love so deeply slip further away!  Alzheimers has now stolen her memory, her voice, and mobility, eventually the disease will take her life!  We have witnessed first hand what it is like to mourn someone who is still alive.

Helping others has always been a passion of mine. So today, I ask you to help me make a difference helping others through the power of donation.  Along with all donations made to my page.  #TheLongestDay #ENDALZ.   We will be  hosting our 2nd annual fundraising party / concert at our home in Mount Dora , FL October 15 , 2022  and all proceeds from this amazing event will go to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of  Mom and all others affected by Alzheimer's Disease. This years event is "Remembering The Roaring Twenties" , an invitation will be sent closer to event! We look forward to seeing you all there! Also we will be participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's on October 8 , 2022 so go to my page and join our team "Sealing The Cracks Of Alzheimers"      

Thank You, Let's End Alzheimer's,   

Kathleen Small Rufrano - daughter

Jim J Rufrano - son-in-law 

George L Small - husband

George L Small - son

Jim P Small - son 

Barbara Small Scott - daughter

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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Richard H Silsby Corinne T Silbsy COMPANY
"Remembering The Roaring Twenties Event"
"Remembering The Roaring Twenties" Event
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