Preparation is key. We know you can do it!

Whether you plan to participate in the Ride to End ALZ® South Carolina Group Ride or the Virtual Challenge, it's important to train in advance to be ready to crush your miles.

Once you register, you will have access to all kinds of tools, including: 

  • A special Facebook community where our veteran cyclists post important tips and tricks for a succcessful ride. 
  • Ride Ambassadors who will keep you informed about training opportunities and group rides near you (available in most areas). 
  • Week-by-week training plans available in the Participant Center.
  • Virtual meetings where veteran riders discuss their training plans
    and past experiences on this ride.

Training for the Group Ride in particular is a must, especially if you plan to ride all 3 days—and most riders do! The Group Ride experience is best-suited for avid road cyclists who ride at an intermediate or advanced level. How you train is up to you and your body, but if you are looking for guidance, here's our best advice:

Train in stages. Start slowly. With each subsequent ride, increase your mileage until you build up to the full distance of your Ride to End ALZ route mileage. If you've selected the Virtual Challenge, train according to how you plan to break up the mileage across the month of July.

Dress right. If you are spending more time on a bike than ever before, consider investing in the right clothes. Three words: padded bike shorts. They can make a world of difference.

Get a tune up. It's not just you that needs to be ready to go the distance, it's also your bike. Think of it like an oil change for a car. It is worth a trip to the bike shop to make sure your ride is safe and working properly.

Listen to your body. Don't push too hard, too fast. It can lead to injury. You're in this for the long haul. Keep in mind this is a ride, not a race. You've got this!

Feel like you need a little more assistance? We are in this together, and we're excited to help you cross the finish line feeling healthy and strong! To learn more about how you can connect with the Ride to End ALZ community and meet other riders, email

NOTE: It is a good idea for everyone to get checked out by their doctor before embarking on any physical training program.


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