2023 The Longest Day - 48 Peaks


About 48 Peaks

Established in 2013, each year hikers climb the 48 4,000 footers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the quest to end Alzheimer’s and dementia. With each step hikers raise vital funding for the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. In 2022, 65 teams raised over $235,000! Since 2013 over $700,000 has been raised! This year, we hope to surpass the $1 Million milestone!

Where there is strength there is hope. 48 Peaks is a reminder that we are strong, we can conquer mountains! Together we will send a message of hope to all those affected that one day Alzheimer’s and all other dementia will be nothing but a memory. JOIN US!

48 Peaks is one of many fundraising activities taking place around the globe in support of The Longest Day®. The Longest Day is the do-it-yourself fundraising and awareness event of the Alzheimer's Association. People across the globe pick an activity, a date and a location and invite friends, family and communities to participate and donate. On the longest day of the year--the summer solstice--we collectively honor and remember all those affected and celebrate the impact of our year-round fundraising for the fight to #ENDALZ.

Learn more on how you can hike with us!

48 Peaks Swag & Prizes Garfield End Alz or Alma (7).jpg

There is no fundraising minimum for 48 Peaks but the sky's the limit! However, when you raise $100 or more by May 15th, you'll receive our signature endurance shirt for the 2023 season!! Please note this is SEPARATE from the cotton TLD t-shirt you get when registering. Feel free to keep the cotton TLD shirt or use it as a giveaway for donors or friends (or maybe to your pet!). Together, we'll form a sense of community as we all collectively turn the White Mountains purple with our awesome endurance shirts! More prizes to come soon. 



Receive a personal, customizable website to collect donations, share hike details & recruit hikers to join. If you are looking for a specific team to join, click here to search. If you are looking to join any available team, check out our Facebook event


Three ways to join 48 Peaks:

  • Hike any 4,000 footer that is best for you and your team (it's totally okay to have more than one team on each peak)!
  • Create Your Own Hiking Adventure from a 52 With a View, a Presidential Traverse, hiking the Long Trail in VT, your local hiking trail, or anywhere you'd like! Learn more here.
  • Help us achieve our goal of covering all 48 4,000 footers with at least one team on each peak. Check our Facebook and Instagram for unclaimed peaks! 
  • When a team captain registers, they'll receive a google form to fill out and share their hiking plans with us.
  Association staff, online tools and resources are available to help plan, recruit hikers to join you and reach your goals!

Planning to stay the weekend? Looking for a place to stay? Our friends at the CoHo Hostel in North Conway, NH have generously offered a 15% discount throughout June! Guests can use code: 48PEAKS on the booking engine (through www.cohohostel.com) or follow  this link directly.


Personalize your fundraising page with pictures and your connection to the cause then share the link with family & friends via social media, emails and texts! Unlock fun prizes as you go!


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