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2023 Dancing Stars of Atlanta


Male Holder 

 PRO Vlad Rekun (Jones Dancesport)

 Male Holder

 PRO Alessandro Marco Scalora (Volga Dance Academy)

 PRO Alex Spencer.jpeg

 PRO Alex Spencer (Volga Dance Academy)

Alex is competing for the 3rd year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.

I have a passion for dance that began at the age of 7. I started my dance career at Academy of Ballet Arts and it wasn't long before ballroom tugged at me.

 Dia Adams.jpg

 PRO Dia Adams (Fred Astaire Dance Studio Midtown Atlanta)

Born in New York, raised in North Carolina, and now established in Georgia, Dia started dancing at the age 10 always content with being in the background, dancing has pushed her to the front of the stage and to share the universal language of love that is dance.
She graduated from North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University with a B.S. in Animal science specializing in Equine science to pursue a career in the arts; Dia became a Professional Ballroom Dancer/ Instructor in 2016 and has placed 1st in American Rhythm and 2nd in American smooth in competitions, awarded top instructor, has performed in a plethora of venues and festivals, and judged last years gala.
She specializes in choreography, group dancing, solo routines, and partnership dancing and also does tap, baton twirling, hula, and bellydance. Currently she is instructing at Fred Astaire Dance studio in Midtown Atlanta.

 PRO Melbin De La Cruz.JPG

 PRO Melbin De La Cruz (Paso Fino)

Melbin is competing for his 9th year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta. Melbin is donating his time because it's a great cause and his love for our 2022 Gala Co-Chair, Dr. Kristina Price.

Interesting fact, Melbin is surprisingly a combination of being very shy and very competitive.

 PRO Sam Arvidson.JPG

 PRO Sam Arvidson (Jones Danceport)

This is Sam's second year wiith Dancing Stars of Atlanta. Sam is donating his time to help raise money for a worthy cause.

Sam does not measure his success by his students' accomplishments, rather his success is a function of bringing joy through teaching dance.

 Dima Kamali 2022.jpeg

 PRO Dima Kamali (Dance Harmony)

My ballroom dance journey began at an early age. To be exact I was 6 years old when I got into this fairytale for the first time. It was an unforgettable journey with plenty of success, victories and titles in my homeland. Now, when I moved to the United States I am eager to reach the heights of this sport with the most incredible team - Dance Harmony.

When asked which is my favorite dance I cannot choose one – every dance has its own amazing history and charm, but the closest to me is Rumba. When you dance this dance you understand - the magic does exist!

Ballroom dancing for me is not only sports, not only the taste of the victory, or the spirit of the competition. Ballroom dancing itself is a purpose of life, especially when you see it in the eyes of your students – that’s what matters to me – when the pupil succeeds it is the biggest victory for the teacher.

Although I have won many dance competitions and even was a vice-champion of the highest category tournament in Ukraine at the time - a Youth Ranking Championship, I believe that the most important victories are still ahead.

 DS Atlanta

 PRO Sorin Obreja (Sorolay Ballroom Atlanta)

Sorin is competing for the 10th year as a PRO for Dancing Stars of Atlanta. 

I donate my tiem to this competition because I like to make a difference in the lives of people in need. I also have a special appreciation for all the organizational staff who show passion and professionalism in everything they do.I believe dance is life in motion. Dance makes people happier, kinder, friendlier and passionate about life.

 Male Holder

 PRO Vincent McLain (Jones Danceport)

 DS Atlanta

 PRO Nicolay Violetta (Sorolay Ballroom Atlanta)

Nicolay Violletta is a nationally certified professional Ballroom Dance instructor, competitive dancer, coach, and choreographer from
Sorolay Ballroom Atlanta.

An experienced professional, who has both performed and choreographed, original works in many styles of dance, including: Ballroom, Rhythm, Theatre Arts, Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance and Broadway Musical Theater.

She danced in The Nutcracker Ballet, numerous Broadway Musicals, television commercials, corporate and charitable events and countless Ballroom Competitions and Showcases throughout the United States and abroad.

This is her 9th year with Dancing Stars of Atlanta!

 female holder

 PRO Alina Spencer (Volga Dance Academy)

 PRO Winston J. Miller.jpg

 PRO Winston Miller (Art is Motion)

Winston is competing for the second year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta. I am donating my time to this competition because dance is a passion and I love to share my passion with others. I also feel as though so many things need to be done in regards to research on Alzheimer's and if I can help by competing and reaising money and awareness I will do everything I can to support!

I choreographed a music concept video and owned two studios by the age of 30.

 Male Holder

 PRO Pierre Bush (Fred Astaire Dance Studio)

 female holder

 PRO Slava Visnakovs (Dancing LIke a Star)

 DS Atlanta

 PRO Rex Jones (Jones Danceport)

 DS Atlanta

 PRO Aghali Moraes (Moraes Dance Academy)