Are you a beginner looking for a relatively short and easy cruise through a tranquil park setting? We've got you. Maybe you're a more seasoned and serious cyclist and are looking for a challenge? We've got that too. With routes from 10-62 miles - there truly is something for everyone at the #Ride2EndALZ!

We are hard at work mapping out all the routes and will post them here when they're ready. All routes will start and end in the beautiful Elm Creek Park Reserve. We're a little jealous - you'll be riding with some incredible fall foliage color as the backdrop! This is going to be a ride for the ages.

All routes will be fully supported with stocked rest stops, law enforcement at key intersections and SAG (Safety & Gear) vehicles if you need a hand. Choose the route that's right for you - we'll be there if you need us along the way.

When you head down the home stretch and catch a glimpse of the finishing arch, you will feel that special pride in accomplishment and knowing that you just honored your loved one in an incredible way.