Due to the success we had last year with providing a virtual participation option, we are going to continue to offer both in-person or virtual registration options. By choosing the virtal participation option, you have the ability to create your own "Challenge" to complete individually or with a team of family, friends and colleagues. Here are some great photos from last years' virtual Challenge. Click here to register for the virtual Challenge!

 We encourage you to come up with a personal challenge of any sort, let your family and friends know your plan, and start fundraising. Maybe it's a promise to get out on skis every weekend, or ski that backyard hill 10 times, or maybe it's a plan to learn how to nordic ski - whatever it is it can be your own Camel's Hump Challenge that raises precious funds for the Alzheimer's Association and gets you outside and in the snow. 

Tag us and we will post your adventures on our social media sites!

2021 CHC - Pete Cahn -.jpg 2021 CHC - Pete Cahn.jpg 

2021 CHC - Team Happy Campers.jpg 2021 CHC - Team Happy Campers - 2.jpg Rob Backlund - 2021 CHC - 1.jpeg

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CHC - 21 Clara.jpeg