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2022 Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia


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Rachael Moore

Rachael has been dancing since a very young age.  With 12 years of gymnastics and cheerleading under her belt, she started ballroom dancing in 2005 and knew from the first moments that she had a passion for it!  Being a coach since she was 15 years old, Rachael knows how to train beginners to advanced students ranging in ages all the way from kids to adults.  With her Bachelors in Health and Physical Education from Armstrong Atlantic State University, Rachael currently competes professionally with her students in Pro/Am divisions for American Style Smooth and Rhythm.  Profesisonally, she competes in the American Smooth Division.  With her LaBlast certification, Rachael teaches several classes of dance instruction and dance fitness.

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Alfredo Horna 

Alfredo is dedicated to providing quality dance instruction by bringing national and world-renowned training to his instruction, Alfredo is able to offer students top notch choreography and technique. Alfredo is knowledgeable and teaches all levels from social to competitive in Ballroom, Latin, and Country Western dancing. With over 30 years of experience, he is excited for the journey that he has at SdeB! Alfredo moved here from Columbus, Ohio and lives in Savannah with his wife.  

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William Mastriani 

William brings an interesting blend of experiences to the dance and fitness community. Since 2001 he has been a dedicated “Gym Rat”, a competitive triathlete, and in 2013 began training and appearing in many Natural (drug free) Bodybuilding Competitions in the Southeastern US. In 2011 he secretly started taking Ballroom dance lessons to surprise his wife. Immediately he became addicted to the thrilling emotions of dance. Because of his love for music, dance, and appearing on stage, he has performed often in dance shows, recitals, and benefits. When LaBlast was introduced to him in 2014, he quickly sought certification and knew this would be a perfect blend for his passions of dance and fitness. William began teaching regularly at Salon de Baile Dance & Fitness Studio in 2016. William currently teaches Ballroom Fit at SdeB while celebrating life with laughter and fun! William is retired from his PhD, lives in Bluffton enjoying life with his Wife, Kids, and Grandchildren.  

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Jill Patania

Jill started dancing at age 3 and has been on fire ever since.  With her BS in Psychology, she teaches tap, jazz, and is well known for her fitness classes.  Her goal is to get you moving and sweating while loving what you are doing with your feet!  Jill is also a Certified Personal trainer with connections to Nutrition with Shakeology.  Her tap abilities and passion to make music with her feet help anyone who wants to dance, dance! Jill is certified in Zumba, Piloxing, LaBlast and Personal Training.

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Mack McKenzie

Mack McKenzie began his dancing career at World Champion Production in Nashville, TN, at the age of 18, under the tutelage of World Champion David Elkins.  As a professional dancer, Mack focuses on ballet, jazz, and ballroom.  He was at the peak of his career, when he had a severe car accident which brought him back home to Savannah.  Fortunately, he never lost his passion for dance.  A few years later, he started his own dance comapny, McKenzie's Professional Ballroom and now serves as an independent teacher.  Mack is a Union Iron Worker for Local 709 at the Sugar Refinery.  Mack's passion for daredevil feats is often incorporated into his choreography, much to the dismay and more often the delight of his partners.  This is his 7th year participating in the Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia benefiting the Alzheimer's Association.

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 Alonzo Boschulte

 female holder

 Jaelynn Boschulte

 DS of Coastal GA

 Kristen Harkleroad

Kristen Harkleroad has been involved with Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia for the last 5 years serving as a star, pro and on the committee.  She has always loved to dance and took ballet and tap when she was younger.  Her love of ballroom dancing started when she was asked to be a “Star” for the 2015 Dancing Stars.  She was awarded the Judge’s Choice award along with her professional partner, Mack MacKenzie.  Kristen danced as one of the opening acts in the 2016 show, and was honored to dance for People’s Choice winner Susie MacMillan in the 2017 show.  Kristen is the Director of Operations for Capital Bee Company in Downtown Savannah. 

 DS of Coastal

 Jeff Calver 

Jeff Calver started ballroom dancing when he was asked to be a Dancing Star for the 2017 event. He won the People’s Choice and Audience Choice Awards that night. He caught the dancing bug and has been dancing with Savannah Ballroom ever since. He opened up the Dancing Stars of Coastal Empire 2018 event with two dance numbers and has served on the Dancing Stars Event committee and as a mentor to the new Stars. He has competed in the Savannah Classic in 2019. He won Best Male Student in a Jacksonville Mini Match in January 2020. He also enjoys learning routines and dancing in Showcases for Savannah Ballroom. Jeff is the Shop Manager for K Machine Industrial Services in Savannah, part of the Macaljon family of companies.