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2022 Dancing Stars of Atlanta


Thank you to our 2022 Dancing Stars of Atlanta Pro Dancers



PRO William Allison.jpg 

 William Allison

William is competing for the 1st time as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  I am donating my time to this cause for a couple of reasons.  I think it's a great cause.  I think everyoe should have the opportunity to dance.  And, I love sharing the wonderful world of ballroom dance with others.

William studied abroad in college for Flamenco in Spain.

 PRO Sam Arvidson.JPG

 Sam Arvidson

Sam is competing for the first time as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  Sam is donating his time to help raise money for a worthy cause.

Sam does not measure his success by his students' accomplishments, rather his success is a function of bringing joy through teaching dance.

 PRO Melbin De La Cruz.JPG

 Melbin De La Cruz

Melbin is competing for his 8th year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  Melbin is donating his time because it's a great cause and his love for our 2022 Gala Co-Chair, Dr. Kristina Price.

Interesting fact, Melbin is surprisingly a combination of being very shy and very competitive.

 PRO Winston J. Miller.jpg

 Winston Miller

 Winston is competing for the first time as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  I am donating my time to this competition because dance is a passion and I love to share my passion with others.  I also feel as though so many things need to be done in regards to research on Alzheimer's and if I can help by competing and reaising money and awareness I will do everything I can to support!

I choreographed a music concept video and owned two studios by the age of 30.

 PRO India Scandrick Myers4.jpg

 India Scandrick Myers

India is competing for the first time as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  I donate my time to show my appreciation and support this association that brings awareness to and provides financial support to those who have family member or even themselves have to face the hard reality of Alzheimer's Disease.

I became a professiona dancer at the tender age of 8 years old and this has provided me the opportunity to work many jobs, as both talent and choreographer.  Of all my jobs, my favorites include: starring in Disney's The Lion King on Broadway in NYC, working 8 years at a private institution, directing choreographing middle school productions and owning & operating a performing arts dance studio where I coach a traveling competitive dance team and host weekly dance classes.

 DS Atlanta

 Sorin Obreja

Sorin is competing for the 9th year as a PRO for Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  I donate my tiem to this competition because I like to make a difference in the lives of people in need.  I also have a special appreciation for all the organizational staff who show passion and professionalism in everything they do.

I believe dance is life in motion.  Dance makes people happier, kinder, friendlier and passionate about life.

 PRO Tristen Sanders.JPG

 Tristen Sanders

I am doing this event for my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's and she was very involved in raising me.

I started in Hip Hop and Won 2 World Dance Competitions here in Atlanta.

 PRO Alex Spencer.jpeg


Alex Spencer

Alex is competing for the 2nd year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.

I have a passion for dance that began at the age of 7.  I started my dance career at Academy of Ballet Arts and it wasn't long before ballroom tugged at me.


 PRO David Spencer.jpg


David Spencer

David is competing for his 3rd year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.

Supporting the Alzheimer's event is important to me because I lost one of the most important, influential and loved women in my life to this grandmother.

I started off as a student before I became an instructor.  Being in High School and knowing how to dance, I was invited to all the high school dances!  No only at my school but the nearby schools as well!!


 PRO Elizabeth Massey Turpin.JPG

 Elizabeth Massey Turpin

Elizabeth is competing for her 5th year as a PRO with Dancing Stars of Atlanta.

I can only imagine watching someone you love battle Alzheimer's, but it's an honor to be able to do what I love while raising money to fight against it. It was an easy yea to become a part of this amazing fundraiser.

One fun fact about my dance career is that I've had the blessing to teach/dance on some amazing movie sets such as Bad Boys For Life and Dolly Parton's Heartstrings. Such wonderful inspiration to keep working at what I love!