The first Subzero Heroes was held on a chilly morning in February 2010 when 25 brave souls jumped into a frozen lake and approximately 80 others watched (and laughed). Since then, the event has expanded dramatically. Subzero Heroes is one of our most popular fundraisers -- and because of the strong media interest, one of our most visible. Funds raised for Subzero Heroes helps support the Alzheimer's Association's goals of advancing research for the prevention, cure and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and providing support and assistance to the 5.4 million afflicted and their families.

This year, to ensure everyone's safety, we're not gathering together at Berean Lake on February 6 BUT we will be doing safe and fun activities to freeze for the cause right in our own backyards.

Here area few safe and fun ways to participate in our “Freeze Everywhere” fundraising event:

(To be clear, we DO NOT want anyone jumping into a frozen lake because No Dive Team= No frozen lake...Everyone's SAFETY remains our top priority.)

• Sit in a kiddie pool filled with icy cold water
• Make snow angels, (assuming we have snow!)
• Dump a bucket of icy water over your head
• Super Soakers
• Slip-n-Slides
• Water Balloon fight in the frigid outdoors
• Run through a sprinkler
• Get sprayed with a garden hose
The idea is to be as creative as possible, while being safe. Remember that we’ll be having a costume AND video contest as well this year.