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2019 Dancing Stars of Central Georgia


2019 Dancing Stars of Central Georgia

Gala Date   May 4, 2019
Time   6 p.m. - Midnight
Location   Macon City Auditorium


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our Dancing Stars!
The evening was a fantastic success with the total funds raised exceeding $188,000.
 A special congratulations to our Judge's Choice Winners and People's Choice Winners:
Judge's Choice: STAR Paul Evans and PRO Princess Davis
People's Choice: STAR Mic Miller and PRO Sara Beth Amos

Many thanks to all of our Star Dancers and their Pro Dancers who continue to demonstrate that the mission of the Alzheimer's Association can be moved forward with tremendous strides by entertaining us with their brilliant dance moves and with their dedication to making a difference for those affected by the disease.

...and many thanks to you, our donors who continue to support the Alzheimer's Association with your participation through your generosity and your attendance.
Our website is still open and you can still support your favorite Star and celebrate their incredible work!

We look forward to seeing you next year so check back here often for updates on the 2020 Dancing Stars of Central Georgia!


Our Progress

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Funds Raised
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Vote For Your Favorite Dancing Star

    DS Macon        DS Macon       DS Macon        DS Macon        
Paul Evans   Heatheranne Neal   Carson Jones   Salwa Megally  
       DS Macon
  Dancing Stars of Central Georgia          DS Macon         DS Macon         
Robby Mathis   Tammy Fricks   Patrice Walker, MD   Lisa Wheeler  
DS Macon  DS Macon  DS Macon               
Corrie Hall Brian Nelson  Mic Miller

Top Dancing Stars

  1. Mic Miller - $37,285.16
  2. Paul Evans - $28,656.51
  3. Carson Jones - $23,086.72
  4. Personal Gift Heatheranne Neal - $17,390.16
  5. Tami Fricks - $17,266.16
  6. Personal Gift Corrie Hall - $14,746.16
  7. Personal Gift Salwa Nashed - $14,372.16
  8. Lisa Wheeler - $9,842.16
  9. Patrice Walker - $7,687.70
  10. Brian Nelson - $7,125.30
  11. Robby Mathis - $6,905.16

Top Donors

  1. W.L. Amos Sr. Foundation Inc.
  2. Daron Woodham
  3. Mr. Robert Abney Fricks
  4. Padmashree Woodham
  5. Smith, Brown & Groover, Inc.
  6. Robert Fricks
  7. Women's Specialty Care
  8. Certipay Peo Solutions, Inc.
  9. Matt Collins We Care Heating and Air
  10. Fricks Bohan, LLC
  11. John and Joan Woodford
  12. Mrs. Ashley A Copelan
  13. Anonymous
  14. Corrie Hall
  15. Sabry Gabriel
  16. Piedmont Construction
  17. El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant 13
  18. Dr. Jorge Pisarello
  19. Edward Clark
  20. McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., LLC

Thank You To
Our Sponsors