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Actors & Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's

Actors & Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's
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Actors Unite to End ALZ

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Why We Walk: It began in May of 2011 via a series of phone calls and emails to my fellow actor friends around the country -- "Gang- I have this idea . . ." By September, four teams walked in Washington DC, New York City, Miami and Los Angeles and raised $23,000 in their first year. In 2013, Actors and Artists Unite became the first non-corporate Friends and Family National Team for the Walk to End Alzheimer's. We have teams from South Dakota to Louisiana; from Texas to Rhode Island, Arizona, Michigan and all across the country. As of February of 2019, the Actors & Artists Unite National team has raised over $265,000.

I read the stories of all of our teams­ - "I lost my grandmother . . . my dad . . . we are at the point of having to put our mom in a facility. She is wandering out of the house and most of the time- she doesn't know us." So many families- so much loss and suffering. AA Unite was built by reaching out to our friends and colleagues around the country via word of mouth and social media. We would hear- "I'm walking in with you in Texas! We just started a team in Tennessee!" Through this team, I have discovered the compassion and strength of the artistic community around the country. Now that we are a national team, it is always so thrilling to hear­ "Nance­ I have a friend who is at Oregon Shakes. I have a friend who works at Disney. Do we have a team in Ashland? Do we have a team in Orlando?" and I get to say­ "We do now!"

I lost my father this summer- he had Dementia. I had promised him- "A cure in our lifetime." Now, I will work that much harder, walk that much further to keep my half of that promise- a cure in mine. I walk for my dad- I walk for my mom who died in 2011 and my aunt who died in 2015. I walk for my team and everyone that they have lost or are losing. I walk for anyone who knows how heartbreaking it is to look in the eyes of someone you love and have them not know you- to watch them fade away until they can no longer speak or move. This is Alzheimer's.

I walk because through the commitment and solidarity of this amazing team -- we walk in glory. We walk for a cure for this nightmare. We walk to bring light out of all this darkness. And we walk in hope and strength for a future- that we can all remember.

So, come join us! Come walk with us! Our goal is to have a team in every state of this country! All are welcome! And as we Irish say- Slainte!!"

In loving solidarity —

Nancy Daly
Founder and National Team Captain and Coordinator
Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer's
www.alz.org/AAUnite - our national team page!
Email - sassyblonde3@att.net
Direct contact- 323-932-9194

Please read Nancy's story: "Living in Twilight: A Daughter's Alzheimer's Story."

See our latest story in Broadway World: https://www.broadwayworld.com/charitycorner/article/Actors-And-Artists-Unite-2-End-Alz-Launches-Their-9th-Year-With-31-Teams--Over-275000-Raised-20190924

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Contact Name:Nancy Daly

Email Address:sassyblonde3@att.net

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