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Why We Walk: As an industry leader, Hearing Health USA is committed to providing unsurpassed hearing healthcare to all whose lives we touch. Our staff is comprised of highly skilled, compassionate hearing specialists who believe in treating patients like family in the communities they serve.

We have been inspired to form a National Team with the Alzheimer's Association due to our shared vision of providing the highest quality of life for adults and caretakers, alike. Both the Alzheimer’s Association and Hearing Health USA are committed to reducing the risk of dementia through promotion of brain health. Many recent studies highlight the correlation between untreated hearing loss and Alzheimer’s, as well as the benefits of modern well-fit hearing aids to both cognitive function and social engagement.

Our hearing care providers are seeing patients with dementia every day in our clinics and many of us have a more personal connection, acting as caregivers or having lost loved ones to Alzheimer's. By becoming a National Team for the Alzheimer’s Association, our entire organization will be working towards the common goal of ridding the world of this disease. Thank you for joining us in this great cause with your support! - Brian Vesely, President, Hearing Health USA

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