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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Thanks to Our Donors!
Agnes Weisiger
Angela Snyder
Ann W Hannah
Babs Rogers
Catherine Thompson
Charlotte Bridge Association
Colleen and Jack McMahon - In memory of Pauli and Debbie
Craig Miller
Craig P Miller Cathy L Miller
Dave and Gretchen Smith
David e Weber
Edgar E Barnes Veronica M Barnes
Eva Stokkebye
Facebook Fundraiser
Gainor Eisenlohr
Hunter Charitable Trust- In honor of Steve Haynie
Jane Conlan
Jenkins Trotter
Jim and Shannon
Jo Gregory Remmey
Karen W Watts
Katherine Mckay Belk
Lauren Campbell
Lisa Pharr
Longest Day Cash Proceeds
Margaret Adams
Marilyn Goodrich Hendry
Marshall Daniel
Martha Harrington
Mary Kay Scarborough
Mary Stokes
MaryAnn and Daniel Diesburg
Mike & Minna Elliott
Mollie Roberts
Mozelle Griffith
Patty & Doak Barnhardt
Peter Shwartz
Rhea K Caldwell
Susan B Lohr
Susan Hite Wade
Susan Young
Ted Jarrell
Wendy R Wilson
WFCS as custodian
Woody Clark

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