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Why I walk for Alzheimer's....

I've "Walked the Walk"..

COVID certainly took on “toll” on everyone.  It stopped and/or changed how everything was done.  What didn’t stop, was Alzheimer’s Disease.  People suffering from the disease, were even more confused.  Families were unable to visit them if they were in the hospital or nursing home.  Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease and add COVID restrictions and it makes it even worse.  

My Dad, an Engineer for Harrison Radiator for 30 years, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 52.  For 13 years he struggled with this disease and by the end he could only say, “What’s on the agenda” and wore diapers.  

My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at age 74.  She fought a long, courageous battle with the disease for 14 years.  She too was a very active woman prior to the diagnosis, however in the end she didn’t recognize her 4 children, 7 grandchildren or 3 great grandchildren.  She didn’t even know her own name, she spoke “gibberish”, couldn’t walk or feed herself and she wore diapers.  For a total of 28 years, I watched both my parents (and 2 aunts) fade away from life from Alzheimer’s Disease.  

But, I was able to see them. My children, Casey and Nicole along with their cousins never got to know the “real” Gramma and Grampa Bradley because the disease stole them away from them.  That is why our family “Walks to End Alzheimer’s” because my children don’t want to watch me fade away, nor do they want to change my diapers.

Please remember, until you have “walked the walk” and see the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on families, you may not understand how hard it is.  I pray you never have to experience it.

Thank you for your support!

Mary Lou Tuohey and Family
Case-Nic Cookies

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