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As many of you know, Robert (Bob) Barnett was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in August 2011 and sadly lost his battle on September 24, 2016.  He is deeply missed and has left behind a legacy and a heart full of memories that will never be forgotten.  It was heart wrenching on daily basis as we struggled to watch someone who was always so full of life to slowly lose himself.  Everything he ever knew, everything he ever loved had been stripped away.  All the things in life that once gave him joy caused nothing but frustration for him.  Alzheimer's is what they call a slow goodbye.  Over the years, the disease slowly takes away everything the individual has ever known.  The disease is overpowering, overbearing, and overwhelming for even the strongest individuals.  Learning to cope with the disease as a caregiver was the biggest challenge I believe I will ever have to fight and wish it on no one.  You as an individual need to learn to live with the disease while struggling to care for your loved one.  Your loved one at the same time is unable to communicate, unable to understand, and just trying to do their best with the abilities they have left.  Everyday is made up of moments.  Moments of patience, moments of sadness, moments of laughter, and moments of joy.  With this disease you can only live in the moment and no two moments are the same.  

Help support Robert Barnett (Team Papa) and all the other people suffering from this disease.  With your help hopefully future generations will not have to watch their loved ones be robbed of their quality of life.

Sincerely,  Cindy

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