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I “Walk to End Alzheimer’s “ to bring attention to My Alice, My Fifi, My Wife who has Alzheimer’s . And, I Walk to bring attention to this dreaded disease and the need to support increased research to ultimately discover the cause, the cure, the prevention! The reason I formed “Fifi’s” Team!  Alzheimer’s is an indescribably terrible disease that slowly changes your loved one before your eyes, while cementing your world together in your heart and mind. My Alice, My “Fifi” and I are like so, so many to whom this is happening. And, hopefully like those same so, so many we have found a new joy through re-discovering  things about ourselves and each other and recognizing new things. Yes she can be frustrated, lost and insecure, and I share those feelings through her, with associated stress, but how I think about it all can help change things from being an all encompassing sadness for us to a journey often with smiles and laughs around each corner. I know such happy times may be short lived, but though fading, we have them now. While My Fifi is showing ever- increasing signs of the disease’s progression, there are those moments that grip your heart.  I recall a couple of years ago, we were in Freiburg Germany. Outside the Munster ( Cathedral) a mother and her tiny one, 1.5-2 yrs,  were walking. My Fifi bent down to the little one who rushed to her on his tip toes and hugged her neck. Dang I wish I had that on film. It happened to fast I was caught off guard. She is attracted to little ones and pets. Such a sweet lady I Walk  to bring attention to this phenomenal woman. My Fifi. That moment at the Munster may not be caught on film, but it is ever etched in my heart and mind as the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  I Walk so one day Alzheimer’s won’t steal such moments away.



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Top Donors
Tom Payne
Dr Thomas L. Payne
Thomas Sparks
James McKenzie
Joanna, Brandon & Tom

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