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A huge "THANK YOU" to all of our friends and family for piling on our efforts to create a world without Alzheimer's!  We are all a collection of our life's memories.  They define us.  The make us who we are!  Imagine a life without our memories.  It's even more frustrating for our families and caregivers.  There is no cure for Alzheimer's - YET!  That's why we have to keep on giving to get the cure that more than 6 million people and their families need.  If this year has been a good one for you financially then consider reaching a bit further into your purse and give until it feels good!  We need you on our team!  We have a goal of raising $200,000 and being one of the nation's top ten teams!  With your help we will get there!  Thank you for being so generous!  

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