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Walking for the FIRST SURVIVOR
Walking for the FIRST SURVIVOR

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We're on a Mission, and with your help anything IS possible!  Purple hair is not a requirement to join our team to help raise funds to advance the research for a cure to END Alzheimer's.  You don't even have to walk...but we would LOVE for you to join us on Walk Day and join in on the festivities and fun!  You don't even have to live in the same state to be a part of the team.  You just need to want to help END ALZHEIMER's!

We do have a lot of fun on Walk Day, but we are very SERIOUS about our Mission!  Alzheimer's is anything but fun!  It steals the ability to remember how to perform simple tasks from those living with the disease, while family and friends watch helplessly as their loved one becomes a shell of their former self, but that's only a small part of this disease.  Alzheimer's should be called "Failure of the Brain" because that is what it is.  The brain fails to send the necessary signals to the rest of the body to perform what used to be the simplest of tasks...breathing, eating, swallowing, walking, talking...  People don't understand how someone dies just because they can't remember anymore...they don't.  They die because their brain doesn't tell them that they are hungry, so they don't eat, or they eat and the brain doesn't tell the body to digest the food and absorb the nutrients, or the brain doesn't tell the body to fight off the disease, or how to swallow, or sometimes how to breathe!  So yes, they lose their memory but worse than that they lose brain function - the body's computer - and without that, they will die.

As Team Mission ISpossible, we walk for our parents, our friends, our neighbors, our relatives and for people that we have not yet met, but share with us the common bond of Alzheimer's.  Our team walks with other teams as one big family with one giant goal..to FIND THE FIRST SURVIVOR

We talk, we laugh, we cry and we remember for those that no longer can. We share our stories, our memories and our tears, and pray for the cure that will make Alzheimer's a distant memory that we can all forget...and we RAISE MONEY.  Last year we were blessed with the generosity of our friends and family and raised almost $6,000.

Won't you join Team Mission ISpossible.  

Walk Day is Sunday September 18th in Naperville at 9am.

We can't wait to walk with you!

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Our Walk
2022 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Naperville, IL
Sunday, September 18, 2022

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NCAA March Madness fundraiser
Denise Aerts stritch
Bill & Sharon Fisher - NCAA fundraiser
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