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I'm Ava Grudich and I'm the team leader of the Bootscootin Boogie. I started this team page because I have family members who are fighting through this or have passed away from this disease. But my main inspiration is my grandma Ruth Ann Meyer or Grandma Boots. She has been fighting Alzheimer's for several years and is still fighting. I'm 16 years old and I have known my grandma with Alzheimer's disease more than than with out. My family has given her 24 hour care for more than a year but then opted to put her in a nursing home. Although this seemed like the right decision for our family, it may be different for other families because some nursing homes may not be enough care for their family member. This could be because of shortness of workers or maybe the severe stage of Alzheimer's they are at. So that's when we come in. All of the money we raise goes to helping families with 24 hour care and just as something to rely on. The money also goes to research for a cure. I don't want to have this or see my 47 first cousins, siblings or anyone have to struggle through this disease. Watching my grandma go through this inspires me to find a cure because no one should have to watch their loved one go through this and certainly no one should have to fight this awful disease. 
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