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I'm 5 or so and we are at the fishing pier in Hampton, as if it was yesterday I remember the fear I felt about walking up the pier.  Those giant gaps in the deck boarding would surely spell my demise and send me to certain death. That is until dad grabbed my hand and scooped me up to safety. The fear is gone. I'm safe, he will protect me.  

This is my first memory of realizing my dad was my protector and my safe place.   He served that role for over 4 decades.  Not nearly long enough.  Even worse, I was not prepared for the role reversal. But that's where we are today.  It's what this horrific disease has done.  He is a shell of his former self.   Unable to live independent.  Fearful. Confused. Lost.  The list of awfulness is endless. 

It now falls to us, primarily my mother, who is truly the most amazing human, ever -- to become his safe place and protector.  He hasn't known us for quite some time and that's okay.  What he does know is that he feels safe when he sees us. He knows that we will take care of him. And he's right, we will care for him until his last breath.  

It is too late for my dad, but with your help we can find a cure so that no one else has to change roles with the person who is their protector and safe space.

I invite you to join my team and come walk with us.  If you are not able to do that, I graciously ask for your donation to help us fund a cure and help someone say they are the FIRST Alzheimer's Survivor.  

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