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 raising money towards Alzheimer's Association. Our main event is our dance  show on September 28th in which we are joining hands in our common passion for dance to fight for a better future for all those affected by  "the most recognized disease of the 21st century": Alzheimer's. 

 What is our mission?
We are walking hand in hand to fight for change. We are walking to fight for more awareness of Alz in our society. We are walking to fight for more care and support for families and individuals battling against Alz. We are walking to fight for more research to give families hope for their loved ones suffering. We are fighting, to one day see the first survivor of Alzheimer's disease.
 Alzheimer's disease is relentless. But so are we.

We can end Alzheimer's, but we need your help. Support our team by donating  today to raise money for Alzheimer's Association: the world's largest  event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's care, support, and research. Hopefully with your help, we can one day see the FIRST survivor of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Why Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease in which the brain shrinks due to a constant death of nerve cells. The death of neurons causes failure in memory, changes in personality, and difficulty in performing every day activities. Unfortunately, people with Alzheimer’s have the disease before any prominent effects can be seen. 

Early Stage: A person can still continue on with life and may forget simple phrases or locations. Individuals with Alzheimer's at this stage forget names of the people they met, locations they visited, or passages they read. 

Middle Stage: People start to forget the history of their own life or experiences of present life. They will often forget how to return back home or where they even live. They will forget daily tasks such as how to eat on dinner table or how to wear clothes. 

Last Stage: Includes the loss of communication. At this stage people with Alzheimer’s lose the ability to form sentences, resulting in the inability to communicate pain. People with Alzheimer’s also eventually develop difficulty in walking, swallowing and other bodily functions

We take our memory and thought for granted, forgetting that any one of us can lose it. That's why we are fighting for CHANGE in our society.


We are using our passion for dance to raise money for Alzheimer's! You will be able to enjoy the various dance styles of India from Kathak, Odissi,  Bharatanatyam, and even Bollywood!! Various studies have repeatedly shown that dancing can actually help prevent Alzheimer's  through increasing cognitive activity. We are all joining hands as we use our passion and love for dance to help support our brave fighters of Alzheimer's disease.  Visit Dance To End Alz Show Website to find out more information about our event and buy your tickets!!!   www.our.show/dancetoendalz

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