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I walk in memory of Papa and in honor of Gramma.

Alzheimer's sucks. It steals away the people that you know and love. It makes them into people you can't always recognize. 
Alzheimer's  causes you to grieve the loss of people who are still living. 

I have worked in long term care for 7 years. I have seen dementia rock many worlds. I don't have the opportunity to know all of my residents while they have their cognitive abilities, but I see and feel the effect the loss of the ability has on their spouses and children.

My dad's father had it, and I watched from afar how it changed the Papa that I knew; however, I was young and didn't honestly know him otherwise. But, I watched my family struggle. I watched Nana slowly lose the man that she so gracefully cherished.   

And now my sweet and precious Gramma has had the Alzheimer's for a couple of years. She still shares her faith multiple times daily. Always has and apparently always will. No, she doesn't always know my name, or can't always quite work out how we're related. But man, does she know the name of her Savior! ♡ She can't tell you what year it is or what a pizza is called, but she can tell you what Jesus has done for her and can tell you Scriptures that speak of His character. She doesn't know a stranger, because everyone needs to know about her Lord. She remembers the most important thing. ♡ 

Oh how I love that woman. Ironically (by the grace of God), we've gotten even closer! Please consider partnering with my mom and me as we again participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer's. Last year our goal was $200 and we raised near $450! This year our ambitious goal is $500!!

At the Walk, different colored flowers mean different things (living with Alz, caring for something with Alz, someone lost from Alz, etc). Let's work together toward the goal of that white flower, the one that represents the first person CURED of Alzheimer's. 

We love you all.
Forget Not God's Goodness!!!

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